About us

Hello and “Oh My”!

I would like to tell you my story. My name is Heidi, I am the proud owner and operator of Oopsie Daisy, an Online Girls Boutique.  "A Boutique like no other!"

I have an IT degree and worked as an executive in Finance….ugh!... boring!  On a very stressful day, I set out to re-create myself. I took stock of my loves and talents.

I love to shop, in physical stores or online and have an even greater love of shopping for my two little girls. One of my favorite places to shop was a physical store called Oopsie Daisy. It carried cute, unique quality little girl’s clothes. I was saddened when it closed its door for good, and happy as I knew what my new future would look like.

I purchased the name and opened an online Oopsie Daisy girl’s boutique store. Holding true to the same quality and “cuteness” I had become fond of.  My finance and IT background came in handy for running the online store. But, the fun part...is finding the cutest clothes.  I love it when I dress my girls in outfits and get compliments. I smile when people say….”Oh My” “ She is so cute, where did you get that outfit from?”.  This is my standard, it must pass the “Oh My” test before it will become part of the Oopsie Daisy brand.

After 7 years we are more committed than ever to deliver those cute quality outfits to display the Oopsie Daisy brand that so many have come to love for the “Oh My” moments!

Thank you for supporting my small business and for your continued support!

Much Love,

The Oopsie Daisy Team